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Wtf is L2Luna?

First Step to the moon

Lineage 2 Luna is a Gracia Final Project privately developed and improved in shadow. Sitting back, watching all these crap pride like servers running for some weeks then shutting down and repeat, motivated me to take the opportunity to secretely develop and balance. I spent quite a big amount of time along with players in order to see and find out their needs, all that in order for my project to keep up with the expectations of L2Pride community. I kept what Players liked and I got rid off what they did not. You can call it a server made by Pride Gameplay players. -Why you called it Luna? Lunar comes from the Latin word luna, meaning moon. The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna. Looking up to Romans for their great progress on developing and always be one step ahead of their time and since this project progressively develops in shadow like lunar does before the full moon. It's not a random name, it represents the server.


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